Un dressing minimaliste pour libérer sa maison et son esprit !

A minimalist dressing room to free your home and your mind!

After introducing you to the minimalist clothing style, let's take a look at the minimalist lifestyle. Since here, we're talking about clothes, it's in our dressing rooms that it's going to happen!

More and more people are fans of minimalism and live with the minimum to focus on the essentials . It's true, it's nice when everything is tidy and you are surrounded exclusively by things that you like to look at and use .

To have a minimalist dressing room, you have to start by sorting it out!

There are a lot of specialists who will give you an effective protocol like Bea Johnson and Marie Kondo . I will still give you my advice for starting gently without undertaking a radical change. My technique is to get rid of all the clothes that are not stored in the dressing room. It's true, we all store clothes in boxes under our bed, in closets or drawers. These are clothes that we never wear because they are not in our wardrobes. Is not it ? By sorting you will even find clothes that you forgot. For those who store their summer things “under their bed”, no excuse, the clothes that we really love, we wear them all year round by layering them in winter. So no excuse, everything that is not in the wardrobe must be recycled, sold or donated!

Now that we are ok with the technique, let's focus on aesthetics, which piece to keep or buy to have a wardrobe with which, using a minimum of pieces, you can create a maximum of looks while being stylish!

You can do a one-month test by selecting around twenty pieces and following the three points discussed previously.

The benefits of a minimalist dressing room

Beyond decluttering and having a tidy dressing room, minimalism brings many other benefits.

Saving time Initially, you will spend much less time putting away your clothes because you have fewer of them. Likewise, you'll spend a lot less time thinking about how you dress in the morning since you have fewer clothes and have selected them so that they all go with each other.

Economy You may buy more expensive products, but with the idea of ​​making them last over time. So you will definitely save money in the long term.

Increase your concentration

When we operate in a neutral environment, our eye is not attracted by various distractions. Rest Indeed, when we have fewer household chores to do, we can spend more time doing pleasant things that make us happy.

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