Summer is coming and you're short of inspiration for your movie nights? We have brought together for you, all the must-watch films for fashion lovers. In this article we will exclude all black and white films from the age of our great grandparents. Fashion is a constantly evolving environment, we want something current!

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

This film directed by David Frankel is a must-have among fashion films.
Andréa, a young journalism graduate, is hired to be the assistant to Miranda, editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine, Runway. Her dream job that she had so idealized during all her years of study quickly turns into a nightmare when she finds herself with her boss, who will spare her nothing. Andréa, who cared very little about her appearance, and far from liking all the superficialities of fashion, will have to adapt quickly to this cruel world.

Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

Jalil Lespert's film aims to reveal the whole life of one of the greatest figures in fashion: Yves Saint Laurent, played here by Pierre Niney, nominated for best French actor. From his appointment as head of the Dior house, to the creation of his own house in 1961, Yves' life will no longer hold any secrets for you. The film is a mix between the creator's personal and professional life since both are closely linked. Everything is described there: his romantic encounters, his family life, his inspirations, his travels.
The director highlights the creations, the fashion shows, the fittings and all the complexity of Yves' work.

House of Gucci (2021)

The film is based on the story of the Gucci family, who created the famous Italian luxury clothing brand. We follow through the film the three generations who contributed to the development of the brand. Between passions, betrayal and revenge and finally murder, the film explains to us what this name means and how far the family will be ready to go to regain control.

Haute couture (2020)

Esther, head of the workshop within the House of Dior, participates in its latest Haute Couture collection. One day, in the metro, her bag was stolen by Jade, 20 years old, from working-class neighborhoods. She will later find the young woman, who, overcome with remorse, brings her back the property she stole from him. Seduced despite everything by the young girl and convinced that she has a real gift, Esther convinced him to join the workshops of the House of Dior as an apprentice.

Wonder Boy (2019)

At 25, Olivier Rousteing became the famous artistic director of Maison Balmain. In spring 2018, he was the number 1 star during Paris Fashion Week. All his life, he has fought to break karma and finally fill the painful void that teems within him. But on the contrary, this success only accentuated his feeling of loneliness. Born under X and adopted by a Bordeaux family, he does not know his parents. Today, his ultimate goal is to find his parents and find out where he comes from.
Wonder Boy traces the story of this fashion legend, interspersed between painful moments and dazzling discoveries, an inspiring and fascinating film.

Emily in Paris (2020)

Emily Cooper, originally from Chicago, moved to Paris following a professional opportunity that offered her. The fashion marketing company for which she works has just acquired "Savoir", another company also based in marketing, but in France and he wishes to modernize the image of the company by bringing an American point of view. Adapting to Parisian life is not going to be easy for Emily who faces a real culture shock. Yet she must juggle her new professional, friendly and romantic life.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009)

The film takes place in Paris in 1920, where all the wealthy Parisians rush to the Chanel boutique to treat themselves to renowned creations. At the back of the store, the designer is broken by the loss of her lover, until she meets the composer Igor Stravinsky. Fascinated by this meeting and by the charisma of the artist, she decides to accommodate him, his wife and his children in her Villa, and she will become his mistress.

Phantom Thread (2017)

The film traces the story of designer Reynold Woodcock, who lives in London in the 1950s. A mix between a fabulous love story and a fashion chronicle, awarded the Oscar for best costumes in 2018.

Girl Boss (2017)

It is an American series consisting of thirteen episodes. The heroine of the series is Sophia Marlowe, a broke and rebellious young woman. She is very unresponsible, regularly gets fired from her jobs and her only goal in life is to find the best vintage piece. One evening, she decides to sell one of her vintage jackets on Ebay, a famous resale site. The sale was an incredible success and inspired Sophia to create her brand of vintage clothing which she would call Nasty Gal.

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