the tailoring

The Louise Marcaud brand revisits tailoring by relying on advanced garment construction and careful consideration at each phase of creation to offer exceptional quality and originality. 


It draws inspiration from different cultures, such as Japan and India, to offer unique and original clothing. While offering a fantasized journey through clothes in neutral colors and loose shapes that offer calm.

The clothes offer an opposition between the neutrality of colors and the complexity of shapes, with drapes, pleats and well-thought-out volumes. 


military style 

This imagination is found in the retro-futuristic films of the 70s. The structured cuts with asymmetrical flaps which sit on the body like armor. 


Thus tailoring, travel and military style allow the creation of a structured aesthetic which allows you to feel protected while giving you the weapons to feel good and integrate into daily life as well as into society. 

Extensive clothing construction, as well as diverse cultural inspirations to offer a unique and identifiable style.