Fashion books are essential for enthusiasts. To give as a gift or to be given as a gift, to add to your collection in your library or even learn about history and the great fashion designers. Discover our selection today.

The incredible history of fashion is told in books, as inspiring as they are beautiful. Some are true masterpieces to display in your library or on the living room coffee table. Difficult to know which one to choose for cultivation. Go ahead, there is no time to waste before acquiring one of these little gems!

To develop a fashion culture

“100 ideas that transformed fashion” - Harriet Worsley

Don't miss out on this must-have. The work takes stock of all the inventions that have marked women's fashion since 1900 until today. Harriet Worsley, now a professor at Central Saint Martins College, takes stock of the major political and economic events that have affected fashion. She addresses world wars, women's liberation and even globalization. This takes us to trace the whole history of what we wear today; from the mini skirt to the little black dress, or even down to the zipper. The historical and political aspects of fashion will no longer hold any secrets for us, everything is highlighted in the book, through incredible illustrations.

The 100 ideas that transformed fashion by Harriet Worsley, Seuil edition

"History of fashion" - Didier Grumbach

This work, a little older than the previous one, is also a must-have for fashion books. It traces the entire evolution of Haute Couture and ready-to-wear through globalization and the brands established in the world of fashion. President of the French Federation of Couture and Ready-to-wear for more than fifteen years, Didier Grumbach knows what he is talking to us about. He was born and raised in this environment, and tells us the fascinating story of fashion conceived in the style of a story. It traces all the fashion trends, the history of renowned designers while highlighting the changes in our society.

Don't miss this magnificent masterpiece, it will give you everything you need to know to acquire a good knowledge of the field.

History of fashion, Didier Grumbach, edition of Le Regard

To discover the journey and destiny of the big names in fashion

There are many of them and they all tell a different story, but they all have a place in our library.

“Dior” – Christian Dior
For fans of Haute Couture, who would like to delve deeper into the art of exception, opt for “Dior” by Christian Dior. This emblematic character dedicated this book to each of his seven artistic directors. We no longer present them to you; Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons, Maria Grazia Chiru and of course Christian Dior. They have all been, at some point, artistic director since the creation of the House in 1947. This work highlights them by dedicating a volume each to them, illustrating their history, their works and their universe within the walls of the Home. A magnificent book illustrated by Laziz Hamani, highlighting eighty iconic pieces in the history of fashion. You will be able to discover the Bar suit, a must have, like the one from Louise Marcaud by the way.

Dior by Christian Dior 1947-1957, Assouline editions, 195 euros

"CatWalk" - Yves Saint Laurent
An iconic name in fashion. Through this book, one of the most beautiful coffee table books, we discover the inspiring life of the gifted founder, as well as a spotlight on his flagship pieces. In the book you can discover sketches by the designer, personal letters and iconic photographs. The work is divided into several parts, shared between the private and public life of Saint Laurent, through his beginnings at Christian Dior and up to his peak in his own Haute Couture House. The book is accompanied by magnificent illustrations of his most beautiful creations that have been presented on the catwalk.
“Haute couture catwalk, Yves Saint Laurent”

To better understand the technical aspects of fashion professions

Note: many books on this theme have been published by Assouline, Taschen or Picador

"Clothing technology" - D.Menzer, W.Ring, H.Eberle, H.Hermeling, M.Hornberger

This book deals with the technical aspects of clothing creation. It covers the themes of materials, textile fibers and manufacturing stages. A part is also dedicated to the treatment of leather and fur.
The book is presented in the form of a technical sheet, which illustrates from a historical angle the different clothing styles over the centuries. This work is a true reference in the field, it is widely used by technicians and fashion supervisors as training tools. At the house of Louise Marcaud we adopted it a long time ago!

"Clothing technology" - D.Menzer, W.Ring, H.Eberle, H.Hermeling, M.Hornberger, Guérin edition

To start your career in fashion

“How to prepare for a career in fashion” - Stephanie Finnan

Created in collaboration with students to provide them with all the keys to succeed in the industry, this book is an essential to have for anyone looking for information on this constantly evolving sector. It reflects the responses of experts working in major brands such as Asos, Top Shop and Puma. The book covers thirty profiles of fashion professions; press officer, stylist, merchandiser, makeup artists or even journalists. After discovering this book, you will know everything about professions in the field. Be careful though, the only problem that arises here is that it is only available in English, and that it is very focused on the United Kingdom in terms of training. Could this perhaps be the time for you to take the big step abroad?

How to prepare for a career in fashion - Stephanie Finnan (2010)

There are many books that testify to fashion and its evolution, and even the techniques to adopt in this world. Everyone can find what they’re looking for among a large selection. They are all more beautiful than each other, so select those who can really enlighten you on the subject.
Little advice: don't let them sleep on your shelf, these collections contain hidden treasures that can take you on life paths you never imagined. So, happy reading!

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