Un style minimaliste pour être chic et élégante en toute circonstance!

A minimalist style to be chic and elegant in all circumstances!

For to have the air class, sophisticated, without in TO DO too much All in guarding A side cool And comfortable ; adopt THE style minimalist !

How se create of the looks minimalists And from where come This style, It is This that I go YOU explain.

He East A little difficult of know Who Or What has inspired This style, because he would seem that abstraction have inspired a lot of crops And civilizations has through the story. This are THE crossing And evolution of these different movements Who will give THE style that we knows Today.

In OUR Company Western, THE style minimalist follows of movement artistic of Bauhaus , THE aim being of find there functionality pure of the object, bare of All superfluous. (If YOU want in know more on This movement, he y has a great series on there creation of Bauhaus Who is called "A time new". YOU can Also Go on see there small video Who summary GOOD the story of Bauhaus on the Arte website ) It is Besides of This fluent artistic that We come there famous sentence less is more » of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe A architect of bauhaus. This movement will inspire greatly THE style futuristic . It is of This movement that arise all THE currents pictorial of abstraction And of constructivism as THE primitivism, THE cubism, THE Dadaism...

We find Also THE style minimalist At Japan with THE fashion of life Shibui . In this culture, THE minimalism se translated Also GOOD formally that mentally, It is A true state of spirit (but, born We scatters not, I would speak of fashion of life minimalist In A next article.) THE shapes are simple, but there complexity go se find In there realization, with A detail of matter Or A detail In there structure Who born se see not necessarily.

Similarly, Hygge is a Scandinavian way of life based on minimalism that translates both formally and philosophically.

For to have A style minimalist he must follow a few points Who are going YOU give a allure chic And relaxed!



Favor of the colors neutral as THE beige, THE white, THE gray, THE black Or THE blue Marine. YOU can mixer these colors between She, but Me, I YOU advises THE tones on your Or THE monochrome of colors, For that Nothing of better one monochrome of beige.

Limit At maximum THE motives. That born wanna not say that we born can not to have A look minimalist with of the patterns, At opposite, A pattern very neutral as of the grooves Or of the tiles used in total look Or on a alone piece of there outfit YOU guarantee to be great original !



Favor beautiful materials, such as linen, silk, wool, cotton. Natural materials will give a luxurious look to your outfit. For an even classier effect, don't hesitate to create a total look with one and the same material.


Finally, the most important point; the cut of clothes. When we ignore color, it is in the form that everything will be played out. We obviously stick to simple but worked shapes. We play on volumes, on lengths, we exaggerate shapes. We deform and reform the silhouette, in short… We have fun! This is exactly what I like about this style, in terms of creation, by ignoring the colors, we can concentrate more on the lines, develop shapes that we wouldn't necessarily dare with color for fear to act as a clown. With neutral colors, the possibilities are endless.

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