Le total look blanc s'impose

The total white look is essential


Over the years, the greatest designers have put forward total black looks , shaking up all white.


Today, in summer as in winter, designers are breaking the rules. They abandon black and make way for new white pieces . A risk-taking that does not go unnoticed on the fashion week catwalks.


In this article, I will break down the prejudices about the total white look, I will highlight the different symbols expressed by white, and finally I will give you my advice on how to wear a total white look!

We have all already thought or heard someone say that " it's difficult to wear white ", " the total white look is getting bigger " or even " white is only worn in summer "... Well no, let's banish these prejudices !


White is a color like any other that highlights each body shape . To do this, you just need to choose your pieces carefully and wear them well! In both the summer and winter collections, designers are offering more and more white pieces to match, something to inspire and give ideas ! For example, at Louise Marcaud we create all white looks with different styles but which convey the same symbols !


We can say that red represents a person of character , purple represents a dream , but white also has its symbols although it has not always been considered a color. However, as Michel Pastoureau , French medievalist historian and specialist in color symbolism, says: white is the color that gives balance, value and beauty to all the others!


Wearing the total white look conveys an idea of ​​purity , freedom and lightness and highlights an open and free mind, a calm , serene and innocent conscience!


In short, white highlights an idea of ​​peace , an additional reason to dare to go for a total white look!


After all these arguments which, I hope, have convinced you to dare to go for the total white look, you are probably wondering how to go about it! Don't panic, here is a selection of all white looks that inspire me and which I hope will inspire you too! Let's dare to wear satin , denim , wool and leather while ensuring the fluidity of the look!

Léna Situations

We can first think of a classic costume à la Léna Situations , a look that suits all body types and that you can find in any store! Class , elegance and simplicity , this look is suitable for all situations: at work, going for a drink in town or at a restaurant and in the evening! Enjoy a timeless 3 in 1 outfit!

Gigi Hadid

More streetwear , we move on to a look of the beautiful Gigi Hadid ! Original pieces giving a unique result, which does not go unnoticed in the streets!


We stay in a slightly urban style with total white denim ! I couldn't choose between Rihanna 's casual look and Kendall Jenner 's retro look! Two different but timeless spirits thanks to jeans!

Kendall Jenner

Indeed, since time immemorial, jeans have been an essential piece in our wardrobe! With this material, it's impossible to miss your outfit!

June Sixty Five

We end this selection of looks with that of a blogger we all know: June Sixty Five ! An outfit where comfort and style are guaranteed!


I invite you to consult his incredible blog for further inspiration: https://www.junesixtyfive.com

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